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What does Bluewave Energy do?

Bluewave Energy is a Canadian petroleum distribution leader that specializes in delivering high-quality fuel, propane, lubricants and equipment to a growing number of businesses of all sizes—whether you’re in the oil and gas (oilfield services), construction, transport, agriculture, forestry, mining, fishing, commercial real estate, or other industries.

What is Bluewave Energy’s relationship to Parkland Corporation?

Bluewave Energy became a division of Parkland Corporation in 2010 and has greater access to supply, expanded delivery fleets and a larger number of customer service staff available to assist you.

Where can I review my invoices and fuel consumption?

You can review all your invoices and usage history under the Bluewave Energy My Account. This online access is available 24/7 and allows you to manage all your accounts in one convenient place.

What are your fuel quality standards?

Our fuel meets strict quality standards as required by the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB). We also comply with low temperature flow pour point and cloud point specifications, particularly in much colder climates such as the Northwest Territories where wintertime conditions can be extreme.

Is eService still available?

eService was discontinued on August 1st. For more details on this change please visit here.

Is eBilling still available?

Yes, eBilling is still available for customers who wish to receive an email alert that your bill is ready.

How do I register for My Account?

To sign up on My Account for the first time, have a copy of your statement on hand and locate your:

  • Account Number
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
Click here to register    Visit My Account FAQs
What should I do if my cardlock card is lost or stolen?

If you are located in Western Canada (British Columbia to Manitoba), please call 1-877-500-3835. Please note that this number is managed by our sister company Columbia Fuels, and they will answer the phone as such.

If you are located in Eastern Canada (Ontario to Nova Scotia), please contact your local branch for assistance.

Bluewave Energy - A Division Parkland Corporation
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