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Propane Advantages

Propane Delivers Value for your Energy Dollar

Propane is currently a leading, lower cost fuel. It could cost up to twice as much to operate your stove, water heater, dryer, or furnace with electricity than with propane gas. Propane gas furnaces and heaters provide more consistent warm air in a home or business often with a longer equipment life span.

Water Heating

Residential water heating is typically the third largest energy use in the home accounting for nearly a quarter of overall household energy consumption. Propane water heaters save up to $200 annually over electric and heat 2.5 times the water with the same amount of energy

Propane Boilers

If a gas boiler is only 60% efficient, installing a new propane boiler rated at 90% efficiency will cut energy use by one-third. Newer models of propane boilers also require less frequent maintenance than fuel oil units.

Home Heating Furnaces

Propane furnaces operate longer, on average up to 20 years — compared to only 14 years for electric heat pumps.


Propane is a safe fuel. It has a narrow range of flammability. There are tighter regulatory controls placed on propane pumps that eliminate the risk of over fill. Since propane is non-toxic, it is safer to store and transfer than any other fossil fuel.

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