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Winter Tips

Winter ManWorking together we can be prepared and safe this winter

Keeping our customers warm and safe is our top priority. Even during the coldest of Canadian winters, Bluewave Energy continues to make every effort to provide reliable and affordable service to our valued customers. To help you prepare for the colder weather, here are a few simple steps that you and your family can take.

  • Ensure that your oil tank and furnace are running efficiently prior to the start of winter. Schedule a service visit with your local Bluewave Energy qualified service technician to inspect and service your equipment.
  • Make sure you have an adequate heating oil supply. This will help you avoid running empty if roads become inaccessible during a winter storm.
  • As the snow begins to fall, please remember to provide a clear and safe pathway to your tanks.
  • Ensure all areas around the tank lines are kept clear of ice and snow.

What to do if your furnace won’t start?

  1. Check oil level in tank
  2. Turn thermostat to 30°C (85°F)
  3. Make certain oil burner switch is on
  4. Check electrical circuit breaker or fuses
  5. Push reset button on primary relay only once
  6. Push red button located on burner motor
  7. If your furnace will not start or continue to run please call your local branch
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