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*Bluewave Energy (Bluewave), a brand of Parkland Fuel Corporation (Parkland), is pleased to provide this Offer to new, credit-approved residential customers in BC, AB, and SK Bluewave Energy service coverage areas currently offering propane. This offer applies to a one-time propane tank fill-up on a residential property for a maximum delivery not to exceed 1,000L. A three-year supply agreement is required for eligibility of promotional litres. A propane tank is considered filled when the gauge reads 80%.

Bluewave reserves the right to apply the current market value of the Promotional Litres to the customer’s account or credit card on file should the customer not meet the 3-year supply agreement terms. Offer has no cash value and cannot be combined with any other offer. **The removal and no cost replacement of tank applies only to customers currently using propane or natural gas.

Bluewave reserves the right to cancel, modify or withdraw this promotion at any time, with or without notice.

™All of the Bluewave Energy trademarks are owned by Parkland Fuel Corporation.

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The Propane Home Make the Switch FAQ

The Propane Home

Upgrade comfort & convenience.

Are you using traditional energy sources to operate your home’s furnace, cooking appliances and hot water tank? Did you know converting to propane can increase the comfort and convenience of your home and may reduce your energy bills and equipment maintenance costs?

Upgrading to energy efficient propane is quickly becoming the choice of savvy homeowners. Imagine still being able to operate your lighting, furnace and appliances during power outages - or add efficiency to your electric heat pump. It’s all possible with propane.

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Using your propane furnace as a back-up to an electric heat pump will reduce your energy costs. Heat pumps lose efficiency when the temperature falls below 4°C. A dual fuel system can increase the cost-effectiveness of heat pump technology while simultaneously improving indoor comfort quality.
Ambiance meets heat efficiency. Add elegance to any room with an easy-to-use, heat efficient propane fireplace.
Maximize the space in any room with a propane space heater. For those hard-to-heat places, a propane space heater occupies little space and can even be wall-mounted.
Bluewave Energy only leases propane tanks. Each Bluewave Energy tank is delivered and installed by a qualified, licensed, 3rd party technician.
Residential water heating is typically the third largest energy use in the home. Some propane water heaters offer 'on-demand' hot water, eliminating stand-by heat loss, which can add up to significant net savings.
Propane furnaces require little electricity, burn hotter than electric and more completely than oil. They require little maintenance and produce a higher heat density.

If a gas boiler is only 60% efficient, installing a new propane boiler rated at 90% efficiency will cut energy use by one-third. Newer models of propane boilers also require less frequent maintenance than fuel oil units.
Discover why culinary experts prefer to cook with a propane stove. A gas range cooks food more evenly and produces instantaneous heat.
No separate propane tank required. You can hook up your gas grill directly to your home’s propane source for ultimate convenience.
When the power goes out, so does your comfort and heat. Propane delivers stand-by energy when you need it most.

Consider Making the Switch Today

Propane Delivers Value

Propane Delivers Value

It could cost up to twice as much to operate your stove, water heater, dryer, or furnace with electricity than with propane gas. Propane gas furnaces and heaters provide more consistent warm air in your home at a lower cost with a longer equipment life span.

Propane Delivers Exceptional performance

Propane Delivers Exceptional performance

Propane contains more energy per cubic metre than natural gas. For heating, this provides a more consistent air temperature supply that hovers around 46°C (115 °F) and compares to electric heat pumps; distributing heat more evenly. Propane equipment often requires less physical space, taking up a smaller footprint at your home.

Propane is Clean

Propane is Clean

Propane is an approved, clean fuel listed in the Clean Air Act and Energy Policy Act. It is one of the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels that is lead-free and nontoxic so it won’t contaminate the soil or water.

In residential applications, studies have found that propane appliances emit:

52% lower Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions than electric water heaters

38% fewer GHGs than fuel oil furnaces

Half the carbon dioxide emissions of charcoal barbecues

Propane is Safe

Propane is a safe fuel. It has a narrow range of flammability. There are tighter regulatory controls placed on propane pumps that eliminate the risk of over fill. Since propane is non-toxic, it is safer to store and transfer than any other fossil fuel.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I use propane as my primary household energy source, what size storage tank do I need?

Generally, a 500-gallon (1892 litres) tank can hold enough propane to meet the annual energy needs of an average four-bedroom home. Tanks of 1,000 gallons (3785 litres) or more may be needed for large homes with swimming pools and hot tubs. The Nova Scotia regulatory body determines your tank size for you based on your energy consumption requirements.

Is it better to lease or own a propane tank?

Owning a propane tank comes with legal requirements such as registration, liability insurance (Canadian industry standard is $5 million liability) and a regulated inspection per the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA).

Bluewave Energy only leases propane tanks to customers.

Each Bluewave Energy cylinder and tank is delivered and installed by a qualified, licensed, third party technician in accordance with all safety requirements and Bluewave Energy’s own Quality Assurance programs. Additionally, Bluewave Energy completes a documented inspection of every propane tank annually.

Can you convert a natural gas furnace to run on propane?

Yes, while most gas furnaces are shipped configured for natural gas, they can be easily converted to propane.

Why did my tank percentage fall so quickly?

This question is often asked during the period immediately following delivery, especially during periods of cold weather. So while your tank gauge may read 80% right after a fill, inspecting the gauge the following morning may show a percentage drop of up to 5%, even if no gas has been used.

This occurs because your propane gas is delivered as a liquid. Like all liquids, it expands as temperatures rise and contracts when temperatures fall. (Actually, the liquid propane in a tank will expand 270 times its volume as it vaporizes into a gas. The vaporized gas is what your equipment and appliances burn in order to operate).

You will still have the same number of litres of propane, but it will occupy more or less volume depending on changes in temperature.

It is for this reason -whether the propane tank is being filled partially or completely - the delivery driver uses the bleeder valve (and not the gauge) for measurement during the delivery process.

It is important to note the gauge reading on your tank only measures the level of liquid remaining in the tank.

When do I need to place a delivery?

It is time to re-order propane when your gauge reaches 20%.

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