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Health, Safety & Environment

The transportation, delivery and handling of petroleum products involves some health, safety and environmental risks. Bluewave Energy, a division of Parkland Corporation, has developed comprehensive programs and emergency response procedures to help mitigate these risks.  We also closely measure our performance managing these risks on an ongoing basis.

Dedicated to HSE

Parkland Corporation’s goal is to be the industry leader in managing the health, safety and environmental (HSE) risks associated with the transportation, delivery and handling of petroleum products.

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Our risk mitigation programs include:

  • Ongoing health and safety training and orientation for all employees

  • Root cause analysis and mitigation for all reported incidents

  • Extensive training for employees involved in handling dangerous goods

  • Environmental risk mitigation including:

    • Replacement of underground steel tanks with double-walled fiberglass tanks or above-ground tanks

    • Daily tank inventory balancing procedures

    • Regular test wells around underground tanks

    • Third party environmental liability evaluation on contemplated acquisitions, which includes soil testing and testing of any underground tanks and piping

Drive to Zero


The Drive to Zero campaign was initiated in spring 2014 with a priority of zero spills and zero injuries.

“Drive to Zero is not a slogan—it’s a goal to achieve no injuries and no spills.  With a personal commitment to safety and our focus on caring for people and the environment, together, we can achieve Zero!”

- Director Health, Safety & Environment.

Parkland Idle Smart Campaign


In recent years Bluewave, a division of Parkland Corporation, has made major investments in truck technology.  Fleet tracking and asset management units have been installed nationally and allow for real-time communication between drivers and dispatchers. 

This initiative supports Bluewave Energy’s work alone safety policy and provides the opportunity to capture utilization reporting.  Bluewave Energy and other Parkland companies continuously monitor relevant data and are proactively identifying opportunities to optimize fuel consumption, reduce emissions, and minimize other environmental-related health risks.

The Idle Smart awareness campaign has been rolled out nationally across Bluewave Energy and other Parkland companies.  The implementation and success of the policy will contribute significantly to the company’s core values as a respected leader in the commercial fuel industry.