Bluewave Energy is
Canada's Largest Distributor of Fuel & Lubricant Products
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How We're Different

Superior service, supply and support at your fingertips

Bluewave Energy is the largest independent petroleum delivery company and Shell Canada's largest branded distributor of bulk fuels and lubricants in Canada. We offer superior customer service, supply security, an extensive delivery network, lubricant expertise, and outstanding fuel quality.

Superior Customer Service

  • Expertise and support designed to meet all of your petroleum requirements.

  • Effective response to your local needs through our decentralized customer service network

  • Dedicated account representatives who have access to valuable resources including Lubricant Specialists 

  • Flexible and customizable offers for supply, pricing, delivery and storage

  • Superior quality control thanks to our managed operations model

Supply Security

  • Greater control over supply as a direct result of our contractual arrangements with several refiners

  • Bulk fuel storage locations throughout Canada and access to loading facilities in major centres

Extensive Delivery Network

  • A wide-ranging delivery network across Canada with 112 branch locations and supply in all provinces except Newfoundland & Labrador

  • A fleet of company-owned vehicles and partnerships with several carriers across Canada

Lubricant Expertise

  • We complete Technical Evaluations and Problem Analysis for all lubrication related issues

  • We provide uninterrupted product supply and security for our full product line, bulk equipment and services

  • We offer bulk and packaged lubricants, storage tanks and pumps