Bluewave Energy is
Canada's Largest Distributor of Fuel & Lubricant Products
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Delivered Fuel

We are proud to offer all our customers a convenient, one-stop shopping experience for all your fuel delivery needs. Our business clients can rely on us to deliver the highest fuel quality and an exceptional customer experience—all for a price that makes good business sense.  Need more? No problem!  We also offer industry-leading bulk fuel tank equipment and onsite, expert installations of equipment and barriers.

Personal service through local presence:

  • Specialized petroleum delivery: The expertise and support to provide fuel and petroleum solutions

  • Localized service and supply: A local presence to better respond to your local needs

  • Personalized account management: Dedicated account representatives, with access to valuable resources including Shell Technical Information Specialists and training for professionals

  • Customized flexibility: Flexible and customizable offers for supply, pricing, delivery and storage

  • Harmonized company owned operations: Managed operations that provide a higher level of quality control than a third-party model

Your complete bulk fuel tank delivery solution

No matter where you are located, our Bluewave Energy delivery fleet has the resources, training and experience to provide a complete bulk fuel tank delivery solution—bringing you top-tier gasoline products and industry-leading bulk fuel tank equipment even if your location is remote. We also specialize in expert, onsite installations of equipment and barriers.
Benefits of purchasing bulk fuel:

  • Cost Control: Cut fuel costs on every purchase of premium gasoline when you purchase in bulk. Saving money offers bottom line peace of mind.

  • Procurement Control: Reduce the number of fuel invoices each month—from hundreds to a handful. Less paperwork is a time-saver.

  • Inventory Control: Refuel your fleet on the lot and reduce the number of times new vehicles are on the road and out of sight. By fueling your fleet and equipment between shifts, we can keep you ready to roll!