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Commercial Case Studies

From Natural Gas to Propane

Bluewave Energy Makes Conversion Easy

One of the most over-looked stakeholders in property management is often the supplier you choose to meet your tenants’ energy needs. It can make all the difference between controlling your costs and maximizing energy efficiencies.

Based on my experience over the past several years, I believe Bluewave Energy is committed to supporting the operations of your investment property,” says Mark Bergman, Director of IPOANS (Investment Property Owners Association of Nova Scotia). “Not only will Bluewave Energy partner with you to understand your operational needs on an individual basis, they will collaborate with you to ensure you are getting the most out of your energy dollar—and that includes conducting an oil or natural gas conversion to propane.

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Transparency and Trust

Great Pairings for a Business-Supplier Relationship

Doing business in the dark is never a good operations strategy, especially when you are running a busy restaurant. Yet, that’s how many restaurant operators would describe their relationship with one of their most vital suppliers—their heating and propane specialist.

“Before Bluewave Energy became my propane supplier of choice, my energy consumption was kind of a mystery,” says Costa Elles, Owner of Ela! Greek Taverna and President of RANS (Restaurant Association of NS). “I was sharing a tank with other businesses. I felt that I was not in control of my usage. I felt that I was in a haze with no personal relationship with my supplier. Bluewave Energy invested in me so I could have my own tanks. Now I have full control over my energy consumption and a real person that I know by name to discuss my needs!”

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Reliable Service for Peace of Mind

An unreliable vendor can wreak havoc on your reputation. Imagine a bride-in-waiting not being able to have a shower on her big day; or no heat in your guest room for your winter weekend get-away. A dream vacation could easily turn into a nightmare without your most basic provisions, just ask any hospitality operator.

“Exceptional guest experience is our standard,” says Joanne Veinotte, General Manager for White Point Beach Resort located in the heart of Queen’s County, NS. “My guests are counting on me to deliver... their vacations, wedding, receptions and business meetings. And I count on my suppliers to not let me down.”

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Bluewave Energy and Flatiron Construction: A Personal Partnership

Like every construction company, one of the foundations of Flatiron’s work is a dependable fuel and lubricant supply that boosts operational performance by keeping equipment running at optimum efficiency.  As the primary fuel and lubricant supplier for Flatiron’s Western Canadian projects, Bluewave Energy has developed a strong partnership with the Flatiron team.

 “Bluewave Energy is even involved in getting our tank farms set up.  They’ve been in contact with the fire marshals in the different jurisdictions to assist us in getting our sites set up properly.  They’ve also helped us with tagging our lube trucks and in some cases even our machines so we understand what products are going where.”

~ Grant Peterson, Equipment Manager at Flatiron Construction

Bluewave Energy’s Personalized Solutions Deliver for Richardson Brothers Construction

Fuel and lubricant supply is an integral part of Richardson Brothers operations. That is why the Richardson Brothers team has partnered with Bluewave Energy as its primary fuel and lubricant supplier for projects across Alberta.  By partnering with Bluewave to meet their fuel and lubricant needs, Richardson Brothers can focus on their business operations.

 “The service the Bluewave team provides continues to save us time and money.  In the construction business that’s the kind of partnership you want from your suppliers.  And not only does the team look after our lubricant needs—they have also provided worry-free fuel supply and service.  Even in times of fuel allocations, they’ve never let us down.”

~ Ralph Corsiatto, Equipment Supervisor at Richardson Brothers