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Commercial Propane

Bluewave Energy offers reliable and flexible propane solutions for agriculture, construction, oil and gas, transport and other industrial applications

We understand that you have a choice when it comes to a propane supplier or propane dealer. No matter the size of your operation, we can customize a propane service plan and deploy our delivery fleet to your location – allowing you to keep employees warm, vehicles and equipment running, and productivity and performance primed.

Propane You Can Trust – Local, Reliable and Affordable.

Whether you’re powering oilfield pump jacks, agricultural irrigation engines, construction site heaters, multiple industrial appliances or a large fleet of vehicles, commercial propane has many benefits:

Versatility: Propane is easily transported to urban and remote areas making it an incredibly reliable and versatile fuel.

Enhance safety: Propane is non-toxic fuel that is safer to store and transfer than other fossil fuels.

Lower environmental impact: Propane is less harmful to the environment than other fossil fuels – it burns cleaner and minimizes greenhouse gas emissions.

Bulk propane supply and personalized local branch service from experienced propane dealer

Bluewave Energy has unparalleled supply security due to its vast network for delivery, distribution, storage and third party rail and highway carriers to ensure you have the bulk propane you need when and where you need it. Trust us to be your propane supplier partner.

Local service is provided by a branch near you. Knowledgeable and licensed staff are trained to understand your sector-specific requirements. From worry-free commercial propane delivery, account processing and payment plans, all service takes place at the local branch.

Bulk propane tank, dispenser and storage equipment delivered and installed directly to your job site.

Bluewave Energy offers turnkey propane equipment for all your operational requirements. Our team of licensed and professional technicians can advise on logistics for equipment placement on your work site or yard, help you manage permits if required, as well as choose the right propane equipment solutions for quick, efficient and safe installations. As your propane supplier, our local experts are here to help and understand the geography and the climate that you operate in.

Propane Coverage


* Please contact your local branch for detailed coverage area.

*Available in Alberta, northern British Columbia, southern Manitoba and Saskatchewan.