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High-quality products, delivered when and where you need them.



Ultra low-sulphur diesel fuel

Take advantage of our onsite delivery service: we’ll bring ultra low-sulphur diesel fuel (i.e. ultra low-sulphur diesel oil) for construction vehicles, fishing vessels, road transport vehicles and more right to your location. Learn more

Dyed diesel fuel

Dyed diesel fuel (i.e. dyed diesel oil or off-road diesel) is a cost-effective solution for clients who do not use their vehicles on highways. Oil and gas, mining, agriculture, silviculture and fishing industries, to name a few, can take advantage of this option. Learn more



For greater convenience, Bluewave Energy offers onsite delivery of propane in northern Alberta, northern British Columbia, the Prairies, the Northwest Territories, Ontario (Minden, Bancroft and North Bay areas) and Nova Scotia (Halifax). Learn more



Did you know that as Canada's largest branded distributor of Shell lubricants and a Phillips 66 Lubricants Marketer, Bluewave Energy has a full portfolio that includes packaged and bulk lubricants, oils and greases in Canada that are world-renowned for their high quality? Learn More



Are you a business that has onsite fuel storage facilities, such as a construction or car rental company?  Bluewave Energy is the largest branded distributor of Shell bulk fuel in Canada—and we’re ready to meet your bulk gasoline needs through our convenient onsite delivery service.


Furnace Oil

Canadian businesses of all sizes—including retailers, restaurants, office complexes, hotels, multi-residential buildings and more—rely on Bluewave Energy to supply competitively-priced furnace oil delivered with reliable, attentive service.


Marine Gas Oil (MGO)

Bluewave Energy offers the convenience of onsite delivery of marine gas oil for vehicles with marine engines such as fishing and supply vessels.


Aviation Fuel (on request, drums only)

When you need specialized, higher quality fuels designed for use in aircraft, you can request drums of top-quality avgas (aviation gasoline) and Jet A aviation fuel from Bluewave Energy.  


Bunker C Fuel Oil

Bluewave Energy is a leading supplier of marine Bunker C fuel (heavy fuel oil), providing reliable and convenient onsite delivery services to large industrial users in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Bluewave Energy - A Brand of Parkland Fuel Corporation
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