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Commercial & Industrial Lubricants Near You

Shell Lubricants Master DistributorAs a Shell Lubricants Master Certified Distributor, we carry a variety of Commercial and Industrial lubricants.

shell-lube-chat.pngOur full portfolio includes Shell Spirax, Shell Gadus, Shell Rotella®, Shell Morlina, Shell Corena, Shell Diala, Shell Omala, Shell Tellus, Shell Mysella, Shell Tonna, and Shell Turbo.


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As a Phillips 66 Lubricants Marketer, we carry a variety of Commercial and Industrial lubricants. Our portfolio includes products from the Diamond Class® turbine oils and Omniguard® greases to the Powerflow™ hydraulic oils and specialty lubricants.

Bluewave ILXBluewave Energy offers an exclusive new line of Hydraulic Oils and Compressor Lube. 

ILX PailAW 22 | 32 | 46 Hydraulic Oils are premium quality anti-wear hydraulic oils designed to provide maximum pump life and trouble-free service in heavy-duty industrial and mobile hydraulic applications.

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Biodegradable Hydraulic Oils are readily biodegradable by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) standards. It is derived from extremely high quality renewable base stocks, which are 98% biodegraded after 28 days. These oils do not produce a lasting oily residue on water and do not impact plant and animal life. It can be trusted in all environmentally sensitive areas.

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The Bluewave Energy HC Compressor Lube 150 is a synthetic high performance compressor lubricant developed for use with hydrocarbon gas streams. HC Compressor Lube 150 dissolves less compressed hydrocarbon gas than other lubricant types allowing it to provide more operating viscosity during operation.

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Ridgeline LubricantsRidgeline™ is an exclusive brand of lubricants available at select locations across Western Canada. Ridgeline motor oil products are API CK-4 licensed heavy duty engine oils and are approved by major OEMs. The portfolio also features premium AW hydraulic fluids, universal tractor fluid and bar and chain oils.

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