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Transport - Heavy-Duty Engine Oils


For over 40 years, Shell Rotella® heavy duty engine oils have delivered unrivalled protection and performance.

There is a Shell Rotella® motor oil engineered to handle your specific needs—whether it’s the wear, deposits and emissions protection of Shell Rotella® T4 Triple Protection®, the improved fuel economy of Shell Rotella® T5 Synthetic Blend Technology, or the excellent high/low temperature protection of Shell Rotella® T6 Full Synthetic.


Phillips 66 has engine oils for tractor-trailers, trucks and buses to help protect your investment. These products are engineered to keep trucks in peak condition—mile-after-mile, season-after-season. Phillips 66 Guardol ECT® with Liquid Titanium® protection additive is an API CK-4 diesel engine oil with exclusive wear protection.


Bluewave Energy Synthetic Blend HD Motor Oils are a blend of synthetic base oils (PAOs) and high-VI mineral base oil, combined with a balanced additive package. This unique formulation provides a truly premium performance universal heavy duty engine oil.  Synthetic Blend HD 0W-30 is recommended for all naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel engines used in heavy-duty trucks, agricultural, mining and construction equipment, as well as light duty gasoline powered cars, trucks and vans.



Ridgeline™ is an exclusive brand of lubricants available at select locations across Western Canada. Ridgeline motor oil products are API CK-4 licensed heavy duty engine oils, also featuring premium AW hydraulic fluids, universal tractor fluid and bar and chain oils within the portfolio.