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Onsite Refuelling

Save Time, Money and Enhance Fuel Cost Management

Onsite Refuelling Savings

Let us show you how much you can save!

Bluewave Energy onsite refuelling service* ensures that the fuel you need is delivered to your fleet and equipment to minimize your downtime and maximize your productivity.

Greater productivity: minimized downtime

  • Refill your equipment between shifts to keep you rolling

  • No need to move equipment across the job site to fuel

  • Your drivers don't have to travel to a refuelling station

Greater efficiency: fuel cost control

  • Online access to real-time and historic fuel reports

  • Billing information at the individual equipment level


Calculate your Onsite Refuelling Savings

Investing in Onsite Refuelling is the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your fleet and equipment. Bluewave Energy will deliver fuel directly to your equipment and provide you with automated invoicing and reporting that will save you time and money.  How much money?   

Complete the calculator form below and a Bluewave Energy Onsite Refuelling expert will show you your savings.

* Onsite refuelling available in select locations.